SoCal Military Men's Crucible Retreat

The SoCal Military Men's Crucible was a great hit.  Nearly 60 service members attended this 3 day event at Lake O'Neil Camp Pendleton.  Military and veterans heard from U.S. Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke, former Reconnaissance Marine Chad Robichaux, former Army Chaplain Cliff Graham, and many other great speakers.  High energy activities were also part of the event.  Guys went skydiving, jet skiing, paint balling, surfing, and skeet shooting.  It was an amazing time of hanging out, eating, having fun, and hearing what it is to be a godly man.   

SoCal Military Men's Crucible Retreat

Soul Survivor Outdoor will be at the Military Men's Crucible at Camp Pendleton September 25th through the 27th. The event is open to military, veterans, and sons of military and veterans 13 and older. 

This event has been dubbed a "promise keepers" for military men.  The lead church in charge of steering this event is the Rock Church San Diego and there are multiple churches and ministries in the region on board with this event including North Coast Calvary Chapel, Calvary Chapel Oceanside, and the Anchor Cafe Oceanside, Soul Survivor Outdoor, and many others. 

Soul Survivor Outdoor will sponsor up to 10 military service members who want to attend.  Call 619-840-2054 or email for more information.

This event will be a great opportunity to fellowship with other past and present military men and their sons. It's going to be an amazing move of God. See the link and photos for details.

Outdoor wilderness event to be held in Joshua Tree National Park

Soul Survivor Outdoor to hold outdoor recreation event at Joshua Tree National Park October 2014.  Marines from Twentynine Palms will enjoy the backdrop of God's creation while hearing from godly military servicemen about their life experience and how Christ is their foundation for living.  Some will come to Christ at this event.  Others will be encouraged to strengthen their faith and lead a godly life wherever they are.  All will have their lives changed forever!